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Configuring server access to a corpus

Follow the steps below to configure server access to a corpus. This is commonly needed when your systems will be indexing data into the corpus or running queries against it.

  1. Make sure that you have an app client for your server already created. To learn how to do that, see the guide for creating an app client.

  2. Navigate to your desired corpus by either clicking its name in the left sidebar (if you've opened it previously) or through the Corpora page.


  3. Click on the Authorization tab (If you don't see an Authorization tab, you do not have sufficient privileges. Ask your Account or Corpus Admin to grant you privileges on this corpus).

    Corpus Authorization

  4. In the Authorization tab, click the Create Role button. This will open a pop up window. In it, select your app client in the Name dropdown, select the desired role(s) and add an optional description. Usually, the appropriate roles will be indexing (IDX), or querying (QRY), or both.

    Authorize User

  5. Click Create. This will create a new role for your app client.

Congratulations. You have successfully authorized a server to access the corpus.