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Version: 2.0

App Building Tools

Vectara empowers developers with advanced capabilities in document indexing, neural retrieval, and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) enhancement. Our tools can help you realize the full potential of AI-driven search and retrieval functionality for your generative AI applications.


These app building tools are not officially supported by Vectara. Users may need to seek community support or external resources for assistance and updates.

Data ingestion

Vectara Ingest

Sample templates and crawlers for pulling data from many popular data sources.



JavaScript client for accessing the Stream Query API.

User interface


UI widget for adding a chatbot to your React UI in just a few lines of code.

UI widget for adding semantic search to your React UI in just a few lines of code.


The fastest way to generate a working React codebase for a range of generative and semantic search UIs.

Vectara Answer

Demo app for Summarized Semantic Search with advanced configuration options.