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Corpus Administration

The Vectara Console is a good way for you to get started with Vectara. Once you're ready to integrate the platform more deeply into your application, the Corpus Admin APIs allow you to programmatically manipulate corpora and perform many other operations within the system. These APIs enable new workflows for organizations, like managing corpora and tracking usage of accounts and corpora. Check out this blog post about managing multi-tenancy for more details.


The interactive API Playground lets you experiment with these API endpoints.

Create, Delete, and Reset Corpus API Definitions

The full definitions of the Create, Reset, and Delete gRPC APIs are covered in admin.proto.

  • The Create Corpus API allows corpora to be created programmatically, up to the limit defined for the account.
  • The Reset Corpus API deletes all data from a corpus, without deleting its definition.
  • The Delete Corpus API expunges both the data in the corpus and its definition.

Corpus Management API Definitions

The Corpus Management API definitions enable administrators to track usage of their accounts and corpora.

  • The Compute Corpus Size API allows you to understand how much a corpus has consumed.
  • The Read Corpus Details API enables you to read many aspects of a corpus, including the last computed size, associated API keys, and filter attributes.
  • The Enable/Disable Corpus API enables administrators to enable or disable a corpus, such as when you need to take a corpus offline without deleting the corpus.

The REST APIs are programmatically derived from these gRPC definitions. See REST APIs for more information on endpoints or expand the specific API in the left navigation sidebar to find REST examples in various programming languages.


For more information on the programmatic conversion, see gRPC with REST and Open APIs. It goes into detail about how gRPC services were made available in both gRPC and HTTP REST formats to provide flexibility to users and create a versatile API framework.