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Create API Key API Definition

The Create API Key endpoint lets you create new API keys, which you can bind to one or multiple corpora. You can also decide whether to designate each key for specific access like only querying (read-only) or both querying and indexing (read-write).

This capability is useful in scenarios where you have applications that require different levels of access to corpora data. For example, you might create a read-only API key for an application that only needs to query data.

Create API Key Endpoint Address

Vectara exposes a REST endpoint at the following URL to index content into a corpus:

Create an API Key from the API Playground

Check out our interactive API Playground that lets you experiment with this REST endpoint to create API keys for your account.

Request Headers

To interact with the Index service via REST calls, you need the following headers:

  • customer_id is the customer ID to use for the request.
  • An JWT token as your authentication method

Request Body

The Create API Key request body requires the following parameters:

  • description - Provides details about the API key
  • apiKeyType - Indicates the type of API key including API_KEY_TYPE__UNDEFINED (default), API_KEY_TYPE__SERVING, or API_KEY_TYPE__SERVING_INDEXING.
  • corpusId - Specifies the corpus IDs where you want to bind the API key.
"apiKeyData": [
"description": "Description of the ApiKey.",
"corpusId": [