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Version: 2.0

Explore the Vectara Use Cases

The Vectara Retrieval Augmented Generation as-a-Service (RAGaaS) platform enables organizations to rapidly create GenAI experiences to reduce hallucinations and provide relevant results no matter how you ask. Users expect relevant answers to questions in a natural language, and they expect the best results with the right context. Our conversational search platform generates summarized responses that speak your language. Better results enable better outcomes that reduce support costs and improve the customer experience.

The Vectara platform has a unique ability to understand and process information. Our platform uses semantic search to find the most relevant products, support cases, and documents that answer your user’s questions first. Power chatbots, Q&A systems, conversational applications and websites that base their information on what you and your users care about – with RAG - information grounded in facts from the indexed data. Vectara also provides result recommendations and enables global collaboration through its cross-language search.

Vectara RAG use cases​

This versatile Vectara GenAI platform caters to a wide range of Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG) use cases to drive better outcomes and unlock new possibilities in semantic search applications. Vectara provides an easy entry point to generative AI capabilities while protecting company IP and customer data. The data is secure. Vectara does not train on user data and respects data sovereignty and provides you with peace of mind.

Choose data for ingestion​

You might be wondering what kind of data to select for ingestion. Our Vectara Quick Start Tutorial provides an example that gets you set up and searching for answers quickly!

Here are some other ideas to let you see Vectara in action:

  • Employee handbook
  • Product manuals
  • Legal contracts
  • Research papers
  • Training materials
  • Financial reports
  • Government regulations.

These types of documents contain very nuanced information where semantic search really shines! Think about what information takes a long time for a user to locate manually in a large volume. Unless you know exact keywords and section titles, you might struggle to find the exact information you need for understanding a real-estate contract, complex machine repair, conducting scientific research, and so on.


πŸ’‘ Check out example Vectara applications, demos, and tutorials to explore the many capabilities of our platform using various use-cases and datasets.

Conversational AI​

Use Vectara to leverage the power of intelligent chatbots that provide an interactive user experience. Enable your users with self-service as they engage in human-like interactions, providing context in queries, and receiving intelligent answers because the system understands them. This technology sits behind virtual assistants, chatbots, and messaging applications to help businesses automate customer service and streamline operations.

Vectara enables you to empower users with real-time feedback to avoid escalations and build a digital chat agent that can deflect support calls. Making conversational AI easier to use increases both customer satisfaction and engagement.

Question and answering​

Vectara understands the context of a question and provides accurate, relevant responses. The Vectara advantage lets users ask complex questions to get precise answers that save your team valuable time and resources.

Enable your users to ask a question and get the precise answers quickly. Embed your FAQs, customer support interactions, product manuals, inform knowledge workers on data, and enhance your website search. Vectara empowers your organization to create a dynamic, responsive, and continuous improving Question and Answer system that enhances the user experience and provides context-aware answers.

Research and analysis​

Vectara sifts through volumes of publications, news articles, financial reports, scientific and medical research, corporate documents and more and provides summarized answers to guide decision-making in your domain. Collaborate with researchers to streamline the peer review process by investigating topics and questions in these vast volumes of data to identify key insights.

Using Vectara is like having a global research assistant that can read and understand large volumes of documents in an instant. Let the platform speed up your research process, find the most relevant information, and become a recommendation system for your domain.

Vectara can help transform data into insights which help make decision-making easier. This platform can provide hidden insights and patterns from your data, helping you make informed decisions. Not only can it answer your questions, but also provides citations grounded in facts from the raw data.

Vectara lets you embed powerful hybrid search into your applications without being an LLM expert. You provide data and queries through simple APIs in our SaaS service.

Enable your users to find the most relevant products, support cases, and documents that answer their questions. Vectara helps you bridge the gap between user queries and the vast amount of data within an application. Users can find exactly what they are looking for despite how they ask.