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Version: 2.0

List Documents API Definition

The List Documents API lets you view the Document IDs and their metadata in a corpus. This is useful for viewing documents indexed so far and helping you decide to remove documents that are no longer needed. It helps you manage the document lifecycle in your enviroment.

This information enables you to catalog and inventory large amounts of data while also extracting lists of documents for further analysis. For example, developers can utilize the metadata to to build custom search and filtering capabilities into their applications.

Currently Document Admin APIs do not allow you to access the text of your documents.

List Documents Request and Response

To list documents, send a GET request to /v2/corpora/{corpus_key}/documents, where {corpus_key} is the unique identifier for the corpus. You can specify optional query parameters to control the pagination of the results.

  • limit - Indicates the maximum number of documents to return in a single request, with a default value of 10 and a maximum value of 100.
  • page_key - Retrieves the next page of results when the previous request has reached the limit.

The response contains an array of document objects with the matching documents and metadata about the pagination.


List Documents REST Endpoint Address

Vectara exposes a REST endpoint at the following URL to list documents:

The API Reference shows the full List Documents REST definition.

gRPC Example

You can find the full List Documents gRPC definition at list_documents.proto.