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Version: 2.0

Compute Corpus Size API Definition

The Compute Corpus Size API (API 1.0 only) lets you dynamically compute amount of quota consumed by a corpus. This capability is useful for administrators to track and monitor the amount of usage for specific corpora. For example, you manage multiple tenants and determine that a user consumed too much quota and you might decide to disable the API keys associated with a specific corpus or corpora.


Check out our interactive API Reference that lets you experiment with this endpoint to compute the corpus size.

Compute Corpus Size Request and Response

The request to compute the corpus size provides information about what time the size was calculated and the size of the corpus. This request also requires the corpus_id and customer_id parameters.

The response includes a size object that shows the epochSecs and corpus size values.


Compute Corpus Size REST Endpoint Address

Vectara exposes a REST endpoint at the following URL to compute the size of a corpus:

The API Reference V1.0 shows the full Compute Corpus Size REST definition.

gRPC Example

You can find the full Compute Corpus Size gRPC definition at admin.proto.