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Vectara Chat

Vectara Chat provides an interactive user experience that enables you to build domain-specific chatbots using RAG. Vectara Chat remembers chat histories and leads to more relevant responses in different scenarios like customer support. Every Vectara account has a unique Chat History Corpus which stores all chat histories.

You can chat with your data directly from the Vectara Console from within the Query tab of a corpus.

Enable Chat

You enable chat in the Query tab of a specific corpus.

  1. Click Data and select a corpus from the list.
  2. Select the Query tab.
  3. Select Chat and a navigation drawer appears. Chat Option on the Query Tab
  4. Enable the Chat toggle: Enable Chat Toggle Option
  5. Now you can chat with your data!

Manage Conversations

The Conversations page lists the conversations in your chat history corpus:

View the Conversation Page

View a Specific Conversation

To view a specific conversation and all the turns in the chat, select a Conversation ID from the list.

View a Specific Conversation

Click Delete to remove the chat from the conversation history.