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Personal API Keys

The Personal API Key provides a broad range of functionality related to user and corpus administration, including creating and listing corpora, reading usage data, executing queries, indexing, and more. Your Personal API Key inherits the permissions of your associated user account.

The Authorization page lets you view the Personal API key that automatically generated with your new Vectara account.

View the Personal API Key

  1. Select the Personal API Key tab.
  2. Click the copy icon.
  3. Paste your Personal API key in a secure location. It is as private and sensitive as a password.
  4. Use this Personal API Key for the x-api-key parameter within your API requests.

Disable or Regenerate a Personal API Key

The Actions menu lets you disable or regenerate your Personal API key.

View the Personal API Key

Personal API Key Limitations

While Personal API Keys offer a wide range of functionality, they have some limitations and do not let you perform the following tasks:

  • Delete a Vectara account
  • Validate a Vectara account registration
  • Transfer account ownership
  • Read or set any sensitive billing data such as payment method and addresses
  • Create and delete users

OAuth 2.0 remains the required method for these operations due to its advanced security features. This distinction ensures that more sensitive actions are safeguarded by a higher level of authentication and authorization.