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Supported File Types

Raw document types

The upload endpoint supports several raw document types. Vectara extracts text from these documents and sections them as best it can. This provides a convenient way to index text, yet the caller has less control compared to when providing the Document proto message themselves. The following raw document types are supported:

  • Commonmark / Markdown (md extension).
  • PDF/A (pdf).
  • Open Office (odt).
  • Microsoft Word (doc, docx).
  • Microsoft Powerpoint (ppt, pptx).
  • Text files (txt).
  • HTML files (.html).
  • LXML files (.lxml).
  • RTF files (.rtf).
  • ePUB files (.epub).
  • Email files conforming to RFC 822.

Semi-structured documents

In addition, the upload endpoint supports sending semi-structured documents through this endpoint that reflect a Document proto message. Those can be sent in the following formats:

  • pb: Contains binary serialized Document proto message.

  • pbtxt: Contains Document proto message in proto text format.

  • json: Contains Document proto message in json text format.

For more details of how to format these types of files, read the formatting document