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Version: 2.0

Sample Vectara Demos and Applications

Explore the Vectara platform through various demo applications that demonstrates the power of GenAI conversational search and Retrieval Augmented Generation (RAG).

Vectara Demos

We provide several open source Vectara applications to help inspire developer creativity.

  • Ask Docker questions about the Docker documentation.
  • Ask LangChain Docs questions about LangChain from their documentation.
  • Ask LlamaIndex Docs questions about LlamaIndex from their documentation.
  • Ask Harvard Business School questions about their institution.
  • AskNews lets you ask questions about news events around the world and get accurate answers.
  • Vectara Ingest crawls datasets from pre-built crawlers (websites, RSS feeds, Jira, Notion, Docusaurus) and ingests them into Vectara.
  • Vectara Answer enables users to create custom conversational search applications, such as chatbots, semantic search, and workplace search by connecting to your ingested data. This project provides example code for a modern user-interface for Vectara GenAI conversational search.

These sample open source applications are examples of our platform in action and not supported products. Check out all of our latest demos, applications, and video tutorials.

Code Samples on GitHub

Check out of our code samples in different languages about how to use the Vectara platform at our GitHub examples repository.