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List Users API Definition

The List Users endpoint lets you list all users on your team and also their corpus access and customer-level authorizations.

Other activities such as adding, deleting, enabling, disabling, resetting passwords, and editing user roles are performed by the Manage Users endpoint.

List Users Endpoint Address

Vectara exposes a REST endpoint at the following URL to index content into a corpus:

Manage Users from the API Playground

Check out our interactive API Playground that lets you experiment with this REST endpoint to manage users for your Vectara account.

Request Headers

To interact with the List Users service via REST calls, you need the following headers:

  • customer_id is the Customer ID to use for the request
  • An API Key or JWT Token as your authentication method

Request Body

The List Users request body has the following parameters:

  • list_users_type - Specifies the type of users as none, all, or only to list users with acustomer account level.
  • page_key
  • num_results
"page_key": "encrypted_key",
"num_results": "5",