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Protocol Buffer Definitions

Vectara implements a gRPC API to all its core services. You can download the proto files directly below.
services.protoDefines the core services within the platform.
serving.protoMessage definitions for running queries.
custom_dim.protoMessage definitions for custom dimensions.
indexing.protoMessage definitions for indexing content.
admin.protoMessage definitions for performing administrative tasks.
status.protoStatus return codes.
common.protoCommon message definitions.

Auxiliary Protocol Buffers

The gRPC services also use Google's annotations.proto and http.proto. The curl commands below will download these files into the ext subdirectory. You can then reference them in the protoc path using -I ext.

proto $ ls
admin.proto common.proto indexing.proto services.proto serving.proto status.proto
proto $ mkdir ext
proto $ curl -s -o ext/google/api/annotations.proto --create-dirs \
proto $ curl -s -o ext/google/api/http.proto --create-dirs \


The Quickstart Examples GitHub repository has examples of connecting via gRPC in a variety of languages.